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10 Powerful Steps To Defuse Angry Patients

Posted by Darren Chuang on Apr 9, 2015 11:04:00 AM

From time to time, we might be faced with a difficult angry patient.

You know, the types that are a little on the demanding side:

“What do you mean my appointment’s not today?”

“Look, I’ve been waiting for over half an hour...”

“I want to speak to the owner right now!”

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately these situations are common occurrences in physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy clinics. It's not necessarily your fault because circumstances can be out of your control. Or, it may be that the client is overly emotional. Let's face it, dealing with pain and injury can be an emotional and frustrating experience for patients.

Regardless of the situation, or its cause, dealing with angry patients can sometimes be tricky. And you really want to do it tactfully to ensure your reputation doesn't suffer. The last thing you want is for someone to post bad reviews on Facebook, Google Reviews, or some other social media channel and slander your brand! 

Trust me, after running my own clinics, I've not only dealt with many difficult angry patients, but I've learned how to overcome the problem, too.

Successfully defusing hostility and getting that patient to advocate for you is an entirely different ball game, one that you need to learn. Thankfully, I'm here to provide a helping hand and have 10 powerful steps you can use to effectively defuse any nasty situation.

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How to Boost Patient Compliance that Drives Repeat Visits

Posted by Charlotte Anderson on Mar 3, 2015 9:29:00 AM


As a healthcare professional, you hope that your patient will follow through on your rehabilitation recommendations after they leave your clinic. Studies show compliance rates to rehabilitation range from 40-91% (Brewer, 2002). Whether you are setting up a physiotherapy clinic or have a super busy massage or chiropractic practice, compliance rates are crucial to boosting your patient's outcome measures which ultimately effects the reputation of your clinic. 

How do you ensure that your patients will stick to their treatment program and not fall off after their 3rd appointment with you? The answer is simple. The patient must like and trust you. If you have both of these areas covered, they will adhere to your treatment plans and follow your advice. Here are nine easy ways to boost your patient compliance, from assessment to discharge, that will drive repeat visits.

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Topics: Patient Engagement

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